Rebuilding Your Relationship With Finances

A few months ago I decided that I was going to start taking the necessary steps in order in order to build a great relationship with my finances. The first step was to gain some insight from people who had that relationship with money already. After consuming a good amount of information from a few books, friends, and videos, I made my next move. The most reoccurring thing I saw throughout my research was exactly what Scott titled Solution 11: "List Your Expenses". I realized I hadn't been keeping track of the money I came across for months and that might have been the keystone that was needed to hold everything together.

I remember when I decided I was going to get my first apartment, that was almost 3 years ago now. I gave myself two months to get everything together that I needed and that's when my first budgeting journey began. I binged watched cash stuffing, "budget with me", and "how i moved out..." videos for hours and that gave me all the knowledge I needed. Two months later I was signing the lease on my one bedroom apartment in a small, quiet town only 24 minutes from my job at the time. It all worked out.

I kept my budget up for about the first year, and although I may have been a few days late on a bill, I always made the money I planned to make and I always had something extra. I'm not sure at what point I stopped writing out my expenses or keeping track of any and all money flow but somewhere along the line, I did. Now that I'm reviewing this part of my life, I see that's when I started slipping on my funds. Eventually, I slipped to a part where I was stuck for a long time. I'm just now starting to gain my footing and pull myself up and out.

And this brings us back to December of last year when I started listing my expenses again. I even took it a step further to throw in things I knew I couldn't afford at the time but I believe as I keep making room for them, they will grow and I'll be able to fulfill them. With all the knowledge from the books and my time spent at YouTube University, it has taken me a few months but I'm noticing quite a difference. I'm starting to see my finances flourish for the first time in a long time and it really only took a few simple steps.

One of the greatest things I had to realize was that I didn't have to be afraid of money. I don't have to shrivel up at the sight of a new expense or the price tag of something that I wanted. I couldn't attract any of the money if I was constantly running from it. I'm not sure where I picked up this fear of money but it was starting to overstay it's welcome so we had to make a few arrangements. Now that fear is being chiseled away as I type and the money is rolling in.

I believe me sitting down with my finances and writing them out on paper is what started to clear that blockage that was in between the two of us. There were times I didn't want to check my bank account because I was afraid of the number that would be glaring at me when I opened the app. So I slowly, but surely let money become a stranger and we lost the little connection that we did have.

BUT NOW!!! We are back and we are better than ever. So I HIGHLY suggest you start talking to your money again. All you have to do is give it a call, it still has the same number and it has been waiting on you to pick up the phone. If you want money to be your friend again, start a conversation, learn a little more about it and keep up with it. Make it one of your best friends cause I have a feeling the two of you can have a lot of fun and create a lot of joy with it.

Listing out your expenses is a great way to have a monthly, weekly, and even daily check in with money. Everything adds up and if you're not keeping up with the numbers, they might just start doing their own thing.

What I Learned About Myself

Budgeting and keeping track of my expenses is definitely something that I need to have consistently in my life. When I lose that connection with money I lose track of everything that's going on with them. I have to stay in touch with my money in order to have the best relationship with it.

What I Learned About The World

For this one, It was more of an internal Solution.

From This Day Moving Forward

I will keep contact with my finances. I will never ever ever lose contact again.

9 Solutions down, 62 to go.

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