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Imagination is all you need to master The Law of Attraction

You know that saying "the tongue is the most powerful muscle on the body"? For the longest, I thought this was a reference to physical strength. The image of someone in a gym doing push-ups with their sweaty tongue would always pop up in my mind whenever this came up but recently, I've been getting a different image. Thank the universe for that. Lately, I've been seeing words flowing from a mind, down a path that leads out of the mouth. These words then take the form of spells that are being cast out into the world.

This new image only came to me once I unlocked what I believe is a major key to life. Once I learned this new information, not only did it change the image in my head, it changed a lot for the entire world. It's almost as if I leveled up my super powers and got a new badge for my vest. And when I say this thing I learned changed my life for the greatest of all the goods... honey.

This thing that I'm talking about is the very same thing Scott talks about in Solution 14: Focus on the Light. This thing is called the Law of Attraction, or in other words,"What you think about, you bring about".

When I discovered the power that this Universal Law held, everything shifted for me... and I do mean EVERYTHING. I don't believe I would even be on this quest to save the world if I didn't learn it. But then again... I'm here so, clearly it was meant to be.

This Solution starts off with a quote from Albert Einstein. He said "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.", and what a beautiful quote it is. If you look at life as if it were a movie, you reading this right now would be the live stream of it. The camera's are rolling, the scene is set and you're the star of the show. Everything that happens is a part of the plot that you wrote some time ago with your previous words and thoughts. This includes every move you make, every person you meet, every opportunity that arises, every situation you're in... all of it.

All of these things were created by your thoughts and words sometime in the past. It's almost as if you wrote the script, gave a general idea of the details and handed it over to a higher power to put it all together for you to play it out right here, right now.

With that in mind, it would only make sense that the future is going to be based on the things you are thinking and saying right now. These things that you're focusing on today are going to make appearances in your movie sometime in the near future. And if these thoughts were being projected to an audience it would be in the form of "next time on The Life Of (your name here)..." or "previews" as my buddy Al said earlier. You're writing your story right here, right now and making it a number one best seller doesn't sound too bad to me.

If you still don't quite understand the Law of Attraction, try this. Take a minute to think about some of the things you've been thinking about lately. Take some note of the tone of these thoughts, the frequency, the emotions that come along and maybe even the actual reality of them. Now think about the words you've been saying. Have they been similar to things like "I'm sick", "I'll never be able to..", "I'm so unlucky" and "I cant..." or have you been saying things "I'm loved", "I'm healing" "I love my life" and "I'm in between deposits?" What "spells" have you been casting over your life? Because whether it's intentional or not, they are being cast.

Once you change your insight on things, your outer sight will follow suit. The tongue is indeed the most powerful muscle on the body and it can be used to your greatest advantage. So what spells do you want to cast next?

What I (re)learned about Myself

You can literally create the life you desire. With ease. The only thing you have to do is... "Focus on the Light". No matter how long and treacherous the tunnel may be, you will eventually reach the light.

What I learned about the world

If everyone in the world's word's are important and affecting one another this just made my quest so much easier. I now know what I have to do. I can use my words, to help other people's words so we can be elevated together.

From This Day Moving Forward

I will be extremely selective with the word's I choose to speak over my life. I will also continue to monitor my thoughts and steer them in the right direction when I see them veering off to some unwanted destination.

8 Solutions down, 63 to go.

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