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Becoming open to feedback in your life

Author’s Note: Every time I sit down and open up 71 Solutions to a random page, it lands on something that I'm confirming in my life. This post concerns Solution 61, Accept Feedback, which is a perfect reflection for this week. I feel like I'm in more harmony with the Universe than I've ever been!

According to Scott, "feedback is key to progress." If you asked me a few months ago if I agreed with this statement, I would have answered "sometimes." I didn't see the use of other people's opinions because everyone is not the same. How could someone other than me give me feedback on MY life? But today, I completely agree with this statement. Different people with different perspectives is exactly why feedback is key.

When you have different opinions, experiences, and outlooks on life you can bring them together to create a more perfect outcome. You can create a more perfect team and accomplish so much with feedback from many people.

I recently attended my first team meeting. Everyone cared about the goal and the process, everyone had the same goal. Different perspectives, ideas, and solutions really brought the team together in a way I had never seen before. Offered ideas were well received and feedback was useful. Feedback allowed everyone to see how useful their ideas were and gave them insight on how they could be even more effective. Sometimes two heads (or three, or four, or 16) are better than one.

I learned too that it's a lot easier to build something when you have team members who want to reach the finish line together. Having people on a team who want to see you win, as much as they want to win themselves, let’s challenges be completed with ease. Your teammates will push you to accomplish your goals, help you see your mistakes and pinpoint the places you need to improve. Like Scott says in this Solution, "the feedback that I am most resistant to is often the most helpful for growth." I see “receiving feedback” as going the extra mile.

I realize that many perspectives are necessary. We simply can't see every aspect of something from one point of view. You have to get many views to see the entire picture; until you do, the picture is incomplete. It takes me back to English class when we would have to get a partner to double check our work. Getting a fresh set of eyes on something is refreshing and helpful.

Practicing giving feedback will probably help processing received feedback. In this Solution, Scott says feedback "...requires you to be open and vulnerable." I can see why. You must allow yourself to be perceived by others, to be analyzed, criticized and dissected by others’ minds. Yes, that sounds terrifying but it "allows major growth for yourself and those around you." I think that after the first few experiences of openly receiving feedback, it will get easier.

As I thought about the Action Ideas section, I decided I liked this Solution. Doing this exercise allowed me to accept the feedback that I've been resisting. In the past, I have quickly dismissed things that people tell me I should or shouldn't do. I didn't want to hear it … at all … . But now, I can see how that advice was pretty helpful. I can learn a lot if I sit here and think about past conversations.

What I Learned about Myself

Feedback is a great way to evolve and learn new things in life. I have shut myself off to other people's opinions for a long time but now I can re-open that door and be receptive. I also learned that I've been in denial with respect to past feedback.

What I Learned about the World

I learned that feedback is one of the ways that the world is connected. Now that I think about it, the biggest way that people are connected nowadays is social media - which is feedback. When someone leaves a comment ... feedback. When someone likes a post … feedback. When someone makes a reaction video ... feedback. It's all feedback.

From this Day Moving Forward

I will be more open and receptive to feedback. I will take into consideration other people's opinions. I will give feedback to other people as well.

7 Solutions down. 64 to go.

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