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A Little Gratitude Can Change Your Entire Life

Up until a year ago, I didn't have a solid idea of what I believed in when it came to the "guiding force in all of our lives." This "thing" that Scott talks about in Solution 47 "Honor the Greater Good," was something that I’ve battled with for a long time. At first, I tried to ignore it because I couldn't imagine going against the grain. I didn't want to be looked down on or shunned for not liking the same things everyone else did. But as time passed, I was driven to learn what was out there that made sense to me.

At first, I searched passively but I knew there was more. When I did stumble across new ideas and beliefs, I acknowledged them and keep pushing. As I continued searching, I learned more and my interest started growing. Eventually, I knew I believed in a higher power, I just didn't know what that higher power was.

I learned a little bit about a few different religions and beliefs and I started to see some similarities in them. Just like Scott says, "These names all reach toward understanding something that is greater than us - every individual person and thing is included." Although I always agreed with a few things in each religion, I always found something that kept me from getting attached. Sometimes, I felt like I was never going to find the perfect community for me. Until I did.

I discovered a huge community of people who were just like me, I call them the "no labels." They knew there was a higher power that we were all connected to but they didn't have any specific rules and regulations that they followed. They simply believed what they felt was right and accepted everyone for who they were and what they believed in, regardless of what it was. It was perfect for me. Once I discovered this community of free spirits, so many things started clicking into place.

Learning about the Universe and how things work have led me right here to this very moment and that amazes me every minute of every day. I'm so glad I live this life that I'm living with the people that I have met and I'm sure that as each day unfolds my life will continue to blossom and get even better. That is what keeps me going.

As I learned to appreciate everything that is going on instead of questioning it all the time, life started to make a lot more sense. Opportunities started opening up for me and I realized I was co-creating my reality alongside this higher power. I started to understand how there were so many different religions and how they all seemed to work no matter how different they were. I realized there was no "right" thing to believe in. As long as it felt right to the individual, that was all that mattered and that's how everyone could have different views but still be looking at the same picture.

Another thing that started making sense was this "attitude for gratitude" that Scott mentions. Once I was able to be thankful for all of the things that I currently have, more things started flowing to me. What really sent me on a twirl was how fast these things started coming my way despite the fact that for the majority of my life I hadn't known about the power of gratitude. All those years of conditioning and ignorance didn't matter to the Universe, it was just ecstatic to finally have my attention.

When you understand how powerful your words and thoughts are, that's when things start to shift for you. I remember hearing "the tongue is the most powerful muscle on the body" when I was growing up. This means your thoughts and words are the very things that create your reality. The words that you speak every day are how your life is going to be and knowing that is key.

In this solution, Scott shares some of his affirmations that he speaks every day. These are a few of mine:

"I am grateful for my freedom of time."

"I am grateful for my family and friends."

"I am grateful that I am able to learn and grow every day."

"I am grateful that I am living my dream life."

Saying these affirmations daily has helped me get to where I am. Once I discovered the power of positive thinking, my life took off like a rocket on its way to Neptune. Whenever I find myself feeling low I can easily turn that around by finding things in my life to be grateful for. Even if the day wasn't the "best" day or if things didn't happen the way I expected them to, I can still find some positivity in it all. Congratulating myself for all the things I have accomplished and reaffirming myself is something that I can do with little to no effort and always get massive results.

I will always and forever have an attitude of gratitude.

What I Learned About the World

I learned that we are all here, connected. We all hold the same power and no matter what that power looks like to each of us, it is still there. We can all call it different things, we can believe in what we want to but that doesn't take away from the fact that we are one.

Things I learned about myself

I remembered how life used to be for me and I relearned that no matter what path I decide to take I'm on the same journey as everyone else. I also learned that I am more like minded with Scott than I thought I was.

From this day forward

I will continue to have an attitude of gratitude and find things to appreciate in every moment that I live. I know this will get me exactly where I'm going.

Five solutions down, 66 to go.

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